In Photos: Du World Music Festival

The legendary and absolutely lovely George Benson and myself

Vintage sunglasses shopping.

This is what i did today, this shop is AMAZING! And Tamer a sweetheart xx Well what a morning….. Singer and now Lunetier regular Lisa London came into the store

Happy Valentines day everyone! Don’t listen to any sad songs today. #halfofmybackcatalogue – Gabrielle

I was having a clear out…

I was having a clear out today and came across a lot of old memories.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Jimmy Carr

Me with the lovely Jimmy Carr after my set at Rock With Laughter!

“I just want to say hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!! I’m getting my booty ready to go back into the studio in January…

Lewis Hamilton tweet

Lewis Hamilton tweets about when he me Gabrielle in Abu Dhabi. The tweet reads: IamLewis4real Lewis Hamilton  Wass up everyone. Bit of a back track but here’s me meeting one of

“The AADC Research Trust has made huge strides in a short space of time in helping to highlight this incredibly rare and-little known condition. I feel proud and honoured to