We might see get rocking her scarfs on stage this Summer?! Is that a reference to Festival For Heroes or something else?!

Interview by Charlotte CrippsFriday, 31 October 2008 Where are you?Out buying last-minute things for the tour. I love shopping and that’s a great excuse to get some new clothes. What

The outstanding Gabrielle – By John Earls In all honesty, the name of Gabrielle isn’t an obvious one for The Ivor Novello Awards to have given Outstanding Song Collection to.

“A fat arse and a dodgy eye”Gabrielle is so amazing we can’t believe she’s not been knighted for services to pop and loveliness. If you’ve not yet discovered it, her

After three years away from the pop scene Gabrielle is back with Always, the new R&B album she describes as being about “heartache with attitude”. You’ve had quite a long

“You can taste as many flavours as you like and not get called a slapper” Gabrielle tells us about her personal life and the terror of using the internet… Gabrielle

Talking Shop: Gabrielle Gabrielle’s single Why? is based on a sample of Weller’s Wild Wood Soul star Gabrielle, whose hits include Dreams, Rise and Out of Reach, is returning with